Cosmic Boys – Cacao Beach (Bulgaria) ILMT Podcast 004

ILMT presents 4th podcast with Cosmic Boys (France)


Cosmic Boys, newcomers in French Techno music, are still a mystery, and it is a great pleasure. True hedonists, the two friends live and breathe techno and music, as it is central to their everyday life between production, dj sets and label management Of Scander. In life and on stage, sharing and communion is essential to them.

Sebastien Bevil & Gaby Meynadier have taken their unique style of music – a blend of Techno,Minimal and Electro music – on countless scenes of European festivals and clubs. Their singles often end up in Beatport’s chart of international top 10 hits, in 2016 Cosmic Boys become number 1 French artist and number 2 world artist Minimal. Present on Richie Hawtin’s label (Minus) with their remix ” Marc Houle – Girl One ” as well as on Form, Popof’s label.

What if the answer to the Cosmic Boys mystery was this ability to focus on the essential to give the best ? We’ll never know, but as long as they keep unleashing hell on stage or in clubs, we don’t really care…

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